Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC Class) is the first aid portion of the program and begins at the end of the ski season. March / April. The course is designed to train you to provide first aid in an outdoor setting. It is similar to an Emergency Medical Responder with more emphasis on the environment and on-hill stabilization and transportation of the patient.

You will be making a time commitment in terms of training, as will your instructors. It’s important that you recognize the time commitment for the OEC class. Throughout the spring and summer you will be working online to get the lecture portion of the class and working once a month with the instructors to get the hands on skills. You will need to allow 2 to 4 hours per week to go thought the chapters and complete the online assignments and tests. The skills will be covered at the monthly classes, but some of the skills will need to keep practicing on your own at home with friends and family.

The cost of the class is around $90. In addition, you  will need the purchase the Outdoor emergency Care book 6th Edition. Outdoor Emergency Care: A Patroller’s Guide to Medical Care (psglearning.com)

After you have been signed up and paid for the class you will be able to log into the class portal Login | Jones & Bartlett Learning (jblearning.com)